It doesn't take long to realize that harping on children about
table manners can get you nowhere. So instead, I put
together a poster of manners with pictures, framed it and
hung it in our kitchen.

Suddenly I had a tool, a fun visual to point to when the rules
about eating, elbows, or napkins were forgotten. And,
everyone who saw it wanted a poster just like it for his or her

So here it is, art that gently instructs and looks great doing it.
The children in the illustrations are all family members and
friends. (Their table manners are flawless of course.)
The poster is 19" x 23" and is
beautifully printed on a cream-
colored drawing paper. The
illustrations have been printed in
a soft burnt umber color. The cost
of the poster is $25 plus a $3 shipping fee.
It will arrive rolled in a protective tube.

This is a family heirloom that will pass from your children (or
grandchildren) to theirs. It also makes a wonderful baby gift.

Thank you for your interest.